Equipment and components for every production area

At Avermann, you will find everything that you need for cost-effective, high-quality production, ranging from individual components through to complete plants tailor-made for the customer. Newbuild, modernisation or extension: Avermann is at your disposal with solutions, components and special expertise.


Optimised technology for maximum performance

Thanks to their sophisticated machine technology, Avermann pallet carousel plants are a byword for performance, efficiency and high production figures. The plants are specially tailored to the production environment and existing processes. Whether you produce floor plates and double walls, solid wall and sandwich elements or special elements: At Avermann, you will find the right system technology for every application.


  • Floor slab and double wall production

Avermann systems for ceiling and double wall production offer the optimal timing for efficient production.

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  • Sandwich and solid wall production

At Avermann, you will find optimised system technology for high-quality, standardised housing and industrial construction.

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  • Multipurpose systems

Avermann multipurpose systems offer specialised concepts for the flexible production of precast concrete components.

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Flexible production for complex components

Avermann partial circulation plants offer the optimal technology for this purpose. Maximum efficiency with unrestricted flexibility.


  • Combined circulation with central transportation system

Combined circulation plants with a central transportation system offer significant advantages in terms of flexible and high-throughput production.

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  • Highly flexible system with central transportation system

A system with a central transportation system and stationary workstations enables the execution of multiple work steps in parallel.

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Maximum efficiency for rapid amortisation

Avermann stationary production systems are extremely versatile and suitable for the production of a wide range of precast concrete components. The combination of extremely robust and durable technology and efficient production enables particularly fast investment return rates. In addition to this, tailor-made system development enables a high level of individualisation. In this way, we find exactly the right solution for every available space and every desirable production capacity.


  • Tilting table production

Production systems of this kind are suitable for the efficient production of solid walls, sandwich elements and special components.

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  • Production system with vibration/tilting unit

The combination of fixed production tables with a mobile vibration/tilting unit enables highly cost-effective production.

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  • Production lines with mobile machines

Production lines play a major role as an alternative to computer-controlled circulation plants.

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  • Production systems for structural components

Precise, reliable and durable technology for the production of structural components such as pillars, beams, girders, double-T panels, stairs, etc.

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Our knowledge for your success

At Avermann, you get all of our services from a single source. We provide comprehensive advice on your project, ensure its smooth implementation, and remain available to you long after it has been commissioned.

Consultancy and planning

Together with you, we compose all of the requirements that your solution should incorporate, from the very first idea through to the final plan. This is the first major step to realize your project.


Our experienced engineers are specialists in developing solutions which are tailor-made for specific purposes – for every available space and for every conceivable application scenario.

Manufacturing and assembly

You will receive your plant including all of the components that it comprises, to the highest technical quality, handed over on time and ready for use. All you have to do is to give the start signal.


Original replacement components, maintenance and repair: At Avermann, we are keen to ensure that your plant continues to operate as well as it did on the day that it was commissioned – and that includes advice on modernisation.

Components for our systems

In addition to the development, production and installation of complete systems, Avermann also offers all of the necessary individual components, moulds and machines. In this way, we enable our customers to achieve the production quality expansion and modernisation of existing plants. Avermann components are suitable both for use in systems built by us as well as for integration into third-party systems.

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